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On our “ro ann style selections” online shopping platform, you can easily purchase the beverages you have previously enjoyed in our Hong Kong kappo ro ann restaurant.

Many of the Japanese wine, sake and shochu you find here are manufactured in the Kumamoto Prefecture of Japan.

Kumamoto Wine Co. Ltd

Established in 1999, Kumamoto Wine Co. Ltd is one of the leading wine manufacturers in the Kumamoto Prefecture of Japan. They truly believed in the notion of「良い葡萄が出来なければ、皆様に愛される高品質のワインは出来ない」meaning good quaily of grapes yields the best quality of wine. Hence they began building a strong connection with the local Kumamoto farms, starting with 4 contract farms and until today, 28 contract farms are contributing great efforts in the Kumamoto wine making.

28 cellars of Kumamoto Kuma-Shochu
World brand of “Kuma shochu”

Over 500 years of tradition, history and culture, use only rice as raw material to distill the moromi purchased in Hitoyoshi Shima’s underground water and bottle it. The refreshing taste is compatible with the meal and complements the taste of the dish. Like Champagne region champagne, it is a world brand that receives a designation of regional labeling by the World Trade Organization (WTO).

Production area/ region: Kumamoto prefecture Kuma district


11cellars of Kumamoto Japanese Sake
Specialty of Kumamoto where more production of Rice in Japan

Kumamoto has beautiful natural mountains with natural mineral water, Kumamoto has natural spring water only where can make a delicious Sake with beautiful water. Starting with a sake brewery with a history of about 200 years continues to pass traditional techniques. Japanese sake made with each collection by professional cellars, including the highest peak of Japanese sake “Daiginjo” is the best taste in Japan.

Origin / Region: Kumamoto Prefecture 


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