Kumamoto Prefecture Guide Professional Group “Kumamoto DMC” Teaches About Hidden Spots of Kumamoto Prefecture

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Basic Information about Kumamoto Prefecture

Kumamoto is a prefecture in the central part of Japan’s southwestern Kyushu island. Its natural features include many active volcanoes, river rapids and hot spring spas. The capital city of Kumamoto is home to Kumamoto Castle, originally built in the 17th century. Other sites dating to the 17th century include Suizenji Jojuen, a traditional Japanese garden, and Hosokawa Mansion, a former samurai residence.

Refresh in Kumamoto Prefecture full of colorful rich nature

Kumamoto Prefecture is located almost in the center of the Kyushu region, and about 60% of the prefecture is occupied by forests.
It is surrounded by relatively relaxing mountains in the north, mountains of elevation 1,000 meters from east to south,
There are deep valleys everywhere, showing beautiful canyon beauty.

A beautiful place with a mountainous ocean

The west faces the Ariake Sea, Yatsushiro Sea, and it follows the East China Sea of the open ocean.
“Aso Kuju National Park” including majestic Aso with world-class caldera,
It has “Unzen Amakusa National Park” consisting of 120 large and small islands and 2 national parks,
It has a beautiful landscape with mountains and ocean.

The most famous water in the country

Kumamoto is abundant in water.
Four places from the prefecture (Shirakawa water source, Ikeyama water source, Kikuchi water source, roaring water source) are also selected as “100 famous water selections” selected by the Environment Agency.


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