“Kuma Shochu” is made by 100% high-quality rice and it benefits to our health!

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Do you know what is “Shochu”?

Shochu (shochu) is a kind of spirits among alcoholic beverages. The degree of alcohol is determined to be less than 36 degrees in continuous distillation and less than 45 degrees in simple distillation (authentic shochu).
There is a history widely drunk as popular wine, such as rice shochu, wheat shochu, sweet shochu, brown sugar shochu, soba shochu, chestnut shochu, awamori and so on.
Generally, high-purity ethanol is produced by distillation in a continuous type distiller based on fermentation liquor made from molasses such as molasses or sake cake, and then added to this.
Because the distillation is carried out many times due to the manufacturing method, the alcohol purity increases and the original flavor of the raw material is lost, so the individuality of the taste is thin.
In addition, some variations with a characteristic flavor are also present by changing the blend, ripening, number of distillation, distiller, type of water addition, raw materials, etc. within the range of the class A type. Source: Wikipedia

What is the difference between “Kuma Shochu” & “Shochu”?

As the name suggests, it is made in Kumamoto Prefecture and only the shochu that cleared certain conditions can be crowned with the name “Kuma”.
It’s pretty difficult to get that crown …
There are four conditions.
1: “To use only rice as a raw material for shochu”
2: “To stock a coddle with water from Hitoyoshi Kuma.”
3: “To do distillation with Hitoyoshi Kuma”
4: “To do bottling with Hitoyoshi Kuma”
Shochu which has cleared such a difficult condition is all kinds in Hong Kong iSquare shop.
Kumamoto Prefecture receives plenty of the natural benefits of the southernmost tip of the Kumamoto prefecture, the polished shochu made carefully by the hand of the Hitoyoshi Kuroudo retailer itself is a culture itself connected with the region, special rice distilled spirit that can not be imitated anywhere It is.

Variety of “Kuma Shochu” with difference tasting method, also benefits to your health!

①Activating blood circulation
It would help activating blood circulation to remove blood stasis, the Urokinase contains in “Kuma Shochu” is 2 times more than the general sake.
It would help avoid Myocardial infarction & Cerebral infarction.

②No sugar and low calorie

Unlike brewed wine like wine or sake, authentic shochu is distilled liquor.
Therefore, since it does not contain ingredients such as carbohydrates and amino acids, the calorie is reduced accordingly. It is exactly zero sugar, low calorie healthy liquor.

③Clear Wake up!

It is said that acetaldehyde produced when alcohol drinks is the cause of a hangover, but when brewing alcohol and shochu ingest the same amount of alcohol, shochu is easier to disassemble from blood and disappears from the blood so hangover It is thought that it is difficult to become.

Source from 『球磨燒酒案内人養成テキスト』 球磨燒酒酒造組合

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